NFT is the trendy way to make money through digital art. It can be any unique thing that you love to make and share the world across the globe.

I would explain in this article how can you make NFT on pizza. My niche is cooking so I made an NFT video on 7 INNOVATIVE PIZZA RECIPE E-BOOK.




How to create an account?

First of all, you need a wallet to receive your money. Meta mask is the most secure and trustable wallet. Just install  METAMASK EXTENSION on Chrome Web store.

After installing the extension. You will get started. You have to enter your email id and create a password. You will be given a secret recovery phase. Which you can use to import your wallet. It’s secret and do not share this secret recovery phrase with anyone.

Step no 2

Type open sea on Google.

Click on profile. Connect your meta mask with the OPEN SEA.

Edit your bio.

You can create NFT now.

Just click on add image, gif, or video and start making nft

While setting price use polygon as a currency because there is no gas fee on polygon and you can create NFT for free.

On the other hand, if you select Ethereum

Then you have to pay a 150$-300$ gas fee.

So if you are a beginner then select polygon blockchain to create your NFt pizza for free.

How to re-log into your account?

It’s a common problem people do not know how to log in again their account for the 2nd time. I tried this and log in to my open sea account successfully.

Simply click on your installed metamask extension. Enter your password and here you go.

2 If you forget your password, then remove the extension and re-install the metamask extension to your pc or laptop.

Then you have to click on import. Enter your secret recovery phrase. Select your new password and your account will recover.

How to make NFT pizza art?

I am a cookbook writer so I had an amazing e book on pizza. I made it on canva then I downloaded it in MP4 video format. Save and upload on the open sea.

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Here are my NFT pizza recipes videos

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