What is alaska sushi roll?


Alaska sushi roll is a very popular Japanese dish with many variations. You do not have to be an iron chef to make the perfect Alaska sushi roll because this article will provide all the answers related to the Alaska sushi roll. And of course, make you master the art of making sushi rolls at home with ease and perfection.

what is Alaska sushi roll?

Alaska sushi roll is a famous Japanese dish. special sushi rice roll with raw and smoked salmon, cucumber, Japanese sauces. It has a lot of variations over time. You can try sushi fried tofu roll, chopped carrots, cucumber or try a yum flavor of whipped cream with strawberries. It’s up to you.

Do you know?

Raw salmon   is eaten in Alaska sushi rolls.

Well, the main problem with eating uncooked meat is getting intestinal worms, tapeworms, threadworms, etc.  This only seems to affect fish, pork, beef, and lamb can be eaten quite rarely.  Of late the pork business has generally cleaned up its production so pork is safe.  (Chicken can have salmonella, a bacteria, and nasty and should always be cooked, but duck can also be eaten quite rare).

when people eat raw salmon then they use a special pill to avoid the harmful effects of uncooked meat. Moreover, it’s advisable to use fresh grade salmon Fish.  If you eat enough raw, you will get worms, but a pill is enough to fix it.

Want to enjoy a cooked sushi roll? then this method is for you.

Basically. smoked raw fish is used in sushi rolls but you have another great option to enjoy this delicacy. Let me clear you guys.

first of all, make a spicy mayo sauce then prepare tempura batter. It is a mixture of rice flour, corn flour, all-purpose flour, salt, black pepper. Dip each sushi roll into mayonnaise sauce and then coat into panko bread crumbs. Add some roasted sesame seeds if you like. deep fry.

Quick tip

Top each roll with a chive or parsley. It will look beautiful.

Major   ingredients needed

1 sushi bamboo mat

 Sushi mate is made up of bamboo. It is the mat on which the sushi roll is squeezed and pressed tightly. you can buy this mat from any supermarket or just visit amazon to order high-quality products at affordable prices online.

How to substitute bamboo mat?

Do not have a bamboo mat but want to enjoy Alaska sushi roll then use nori sheets (seaweed wraps)

2 Nori sheet  

Nori sheets are made from edible dried seaweeds. It is used in  Korean and Japanese cuisines to wrap sushi rolls.

3 Sushi rice

You can use Japanese rice, but if not then you can use and combine the ordinary rice and the sticky rice po.

4 salmon


5 Vegetables.

Raw carrots, cucumber, avocado are used in sushi rolls. Cut cucumber with peels in long strips.

Cut avocado and squeeze some lemon juice. It prevents the browning of avocado. Usually, when we make sushi we make it in a group setting and the avocado sits for a little bit.  When that happens it turns brown and looks far less appetizing than when it’s green so we add a touch of lemon to prevent that.

Cut cucumbers with peels to enhance flavor. These are the major vegetables. You can also add red bell pepper, mango. Even scrambled eggs cut into long strips. You can also boil carrots, avocado but try it with a fried ham version of sushi roll.

An interesting tip

You can also use pickled veggies to try a more tempting version of  Alaska sushi roll. see the complete recipe below


substitutes of raw salmon

I never liked raw salmon use can of sliced ham or sausages. Just buy a can, fry in some butter, and use it to make sushi roll

.If you are a vegetarian then go for a fried tofu sushi roll. Tofu is a soya bean processed cheese which after frying becomes very tasty. Mostly, people use tofu as a substitute for meat because it is very healthy, tasty, and nutritious.

1 California crab sushi roll

Cooked rice is placed on the nori sheet, moist rice with some water, sprinkle some roasted sesame seeds, and flip downward to cling wrap. Then veggies are placed with imitation crabs

2 fried ham roll

Fried ham, boiled avocado, carrots, mango are used as filling.

 3 Fried tofu sushi roll.

Buy canned tofu from any supermarket. melt butter and fry tofu and then the rest of the procedure is the same as mentioned above.Fried tofu sushi roll.

Just a   TIP

Use a sharp-edged knife to even cut sushi roll slices. Cut from one way only for neatness. squeeze and press tightly as you roll to shape it.dip the knife into the water so that it makes it easier for you to cut through the nori sheet.

Sauces served with a sushi roll.

Yellow /orange spicy mayo sauce is served with a sushi roll. Mayonnaise and sriracha sauce are its major ingredients. If you do not have siracha sauce then use hot sauce or add an equal amount of soy sauce and chili sauce to use instead of sriracha sauce. The other brown color sauce is called UNAGI SAUCE. In the Japanese language, UNAGI MEANS Eel meaning sweet. You can buy it from any Asian market.

Spicy sauce top serve with Alaska sushi roll.


Mayonnaise 1/4 cup or 4 tablespoons.

Siracha sauce 2 tab spoon

Crushed red chili 1 pinch.

Salt 1 pinch.


Mix all ingredients and keep refrigerated.

Tempura recipe

Rice flour 1/2 cup

Corn flour 1/2 cup

Crushed red chili 1/4 teaspoon.

Black pepper 1/4 teaspoon.

Baking soda 1/4 teaspoon.

Water as per need.

Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Pour water and make a medium consistency batter.

Rest for 20 minutes.

Take folded sushi roll.do not cut take the whole. We will cut it after frying.

Dip folded sushi roll into tempura batter and then dip into mayonnaise sauce and coat with panko breadcrumbs.

Pickled veggies

Nori is the Japanese word for dried edible seaweed, which usually comes in thin, paper-like sheets. It’s a popular ingredient in Japanese and Korean cuisine to wrap rolls of sushi or onigiri.

Pickled veggie recipe.

Cucumber 1

Carrot 1 julienne cut

Green chillies8-9

Bell pepper 1

Vinegar 1 and 1/2 cup.

Salt 1 teaspoon


Pour vinegar in a saucepan.

Heat vinegar, add salt, mix well and add in a bowl

Add all veggies, mix and cover for 1 hour.

After 1-hour veggie pickle is ready. you can store it up to 1 week.



1 How many calories do we get from sushi rolls?

Calories of Alaska sushi roll

Calories are 350-450 kcal but if you use cream cheese in filling then it reaches about 850Kcal.

2   How long can I store leftover sushi rolls in the fridge?

Fresh sushi roll tastes great. But you can refrigerate for 24 hours. It is suggested to use fresh because taste and texture will change after refrigeration.

3 How to use leftover sushi roll?


4 Can I air fry sushi roll?

Grab your first sushi roll, dip into the tempura batter, and coat it as evenly as possible in the Mayo sauce then in the bread crumbs. .Set   the roll into your air fryer basket. Prepare the rest of the rolls by following this method. Air fry at 389F for 9   minutes. Do not forget to shake gently after 4 minutes.


Let me tell you these tastes just like the restaurant-style sushi roll it’s super easy to make if you follow the instructions carefully, and you do not need expensive tools to make them. Last but not the least, dipping sauces enhance the taste of this recipe. So do try and provide your valuable feedback.

Happy cooking!


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