How To Set Yogurt with Milk powder In Just 4 Hours? homemade milk powder yogurt with a secret tip!

Are you searching for a quick and easy yogurt recipe

Do you have tried many yogurt recipes but could not make perfect homemade yogurt.

If, yes, then. After reading this full blog and watching the videos, it will make you a pro in making a market like yogurt. Interestingly, no long process, no yogurt maker needed; it takes just 4 hours to prepare this thick, creamy and delicious yogurt that you ever taste. It sounds interesting!

Let’s jump into this fabulous homemade milk powder yogurt recipe.

Equipment needed for making perfect homemade yogurt

1 Muslin cloth.

You need muslin cloth. It plays a magical role in setting yogurt that you never heard of before. Will reveal the whole trick in the recipe. Muslin cloth is easily available in the local Indian and Pakistan clothes market. You can also buy muslin cloth at an affordable rate from amazon World’s best online shopping website.

2 clay pot 

Must buy this. It’s readily available in markets. If you belong to Asian countries, then you might have seen and used this. This is basically used to drink water.

3 saucepan.

You need a saucepan to boil milk to a specific temperature. Most people do not care about temperature. It means boil milk too hot or too cold. That’s why yogurt does not set. I will share the SUPER EASY TRICK TO CHECK THE RIGHT TEMPERATURE OF THE MILK so that it sits perfectly.

Easy Yogurt Recipe Using Milk Powder


Milk powder 1/2 cup

Sugar 1 teaspoon

water 1 and 1/2 cup

Yogurt starter 2 tablespoon


1 First of all, water and milk powder in a saucepan

2 Bring to boil on medium heat.

  3 Add  1 teaspoon of sugar and cook until sugar dissolves completely.

How To Guess The Correct Temperature Of Milk?

Milk must be at the right temperature for a well set and perfect consistency yogurt. Neither too hot nor too cold.

A super easy trick for checking the right temperature for adding a yogurt starter.

Cool boiled milk at room temperature, say for 5 minutes, then dip finger into this milk mixture. If it’s bearable, then it’s ready to add yogurt starter.


To see the shape of the clay pot. And the right temperature of boiled milk for adding yogurt culture. Must watch the complete video tutorial of this recipe below. Everything will become crystal clear to you

4 pour the milk mixture into a clay pot.

5 The next step is to transfer the milk mixture into a clay pot.

Cover with a damp muslin cloth.

6 Place near the hot place.

7 Place this covered bowl near the stove. Keep flame low.

8 Leave for 4 hours in summer. It may take 6-7 hours in winter

Different Uses Of milk powder yogurt

1 you can use it IN A SIMPLE WAY. YES, YOU GOT  IT RIGHT! Add some sugar and ENJOY 

2 Make yogurt mango salad.

Cut 1 medium-sized mango into small cubes.

Mix mango chunks,1/2 cup yogurt,1 tablespoon sugar,2 tablespoon dairy cream, and here you go! Simply mouth licking salad that you ever taste.LEARN MANGO CUTTING METHODS TO DECORATE MANGO DESSERTS 

Want to explore more? See the video below.

3 Easy mango ice cream.

Just add mango chunks, condensed milk, cream, homemade milk powder yogurt.

see the complete  recipe below

easy mango ice-cream .made from homemade yogurt


Do not shake the clay pot after adding lukewarm milk mixture. Otherwise, it will not set well.

I hope you liked reading my super easy recipe for homemade yogurt. Must try and do not forget to share your feedback on your own food blog, shushikitchentwist.

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