Labe Shireen 2 Ways In Just 15 Minutes

Labe Shireen is one of the most popular and delicious Asian desserts. It’s a tempting variation to custard. However, you have seen many recipes of Labe Shireen on the internet. But Shushi kitchen is on the aim of making your life easy. I will share the quick, unique, and delicious way to enjoy restaurant-style or wedding-style labe Shireen at home.

Make this sweet delicacy on Eid, parties, and your special events. Everybody would love it for sure!

Let’s get into this fantastic dessert recipe without wasting your time.



Milk 2 liters

Sugar 1 cup

Corn flour 4 tablespoons.

Cream 2 pack.

Fruit cocktail 1 tin big sized.

Bake parlor vermicelli 1 cup.

Red jellies 1 packet.

Green jellies 1 packet.

Crushed almonds 2 tablespoons.


Dissolve cornflour in some milk and set aside.

Jellies preparation.

Pour 1 cup water in a saucepan.

Boil, add jelly packet powder, and stir continuously.

 Just add 1 cup of water; otherwise, your jelly will not set well.

Transfer this mix to a plate and let it set.

Then refrigerate for 1/2 hour.

Make marks with a knife and cut them into small cubes.

Set aside.

Boil milk in a big-sized pan.


Mix and cook until vermicelli gets tender and sugar dissolves completely.

Pour cornflour mixture and stir continuously until mixture thickens.

This will take few seconds only.

Keep flame medium.

Add some crushed almonds.

Cool this mixture at room temperature.

Add fruit cocktail, crushed dry fruits, and jellies. You can also add your favorite seasonal fruits.

Pour cream and mix well.

Refrigerate this for 1 hour.


Milk must not be very thick like custard. It must be a little stale. That’s why I added four tablespoons of corn flour.


 Use plain vanilla custard powder if corn flour is not available.

You can also add fruit cake slices.

3 RABRI Labe Shireen.

Make this INSTANT RABRI MIX And use this instead of thickened milk.

It’s a layered dessert.

First of all, you will set cake slices at the bottom of your serving dish.

Pour RABRI mix.

Spread fruit cocktail, crushed dry fruits and 


Repeat this layering method.

Top with the cherry and some crushed almonds and pistachios.

I hope you love these fabulous ideas to make Labe Shireen. Now leave custard and try this fantastic version of custard. Must try and do not forget to share your valuable feedback with us.

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