5 things that you do not know about mango kulfa.

Are you a mango lover? Want to get interesting and untold secrets about mango kulfa? secrets about mango kulfa? You will find all the burning questions that are related to this delicacy.
No need to go anywhere because you will find A to z about mango kulfa.
Mango is the most popular fruit across the world. Even Pepsi has introduced Pepsi mango to please mango lovers. Mango desserts are so tempting and appealing.
What is mango kulfa?
Mango is an irresistible combination with kulfa and is famous throughout the world.
Mango kulfa and kulfi are made with thickened milk, khoya, nuts and frozen overnight for best results.
Over time, a lot of variations occurred in kulfi flavours. Now, you can prepare mango kulfi without thickened milk, cream, khoya, sugar. You can also use chopped pistachios, almonds to enhance the flavor.
Let’s get started.

1) How to make without thickened milk?
Milk is reduced to half until it thickens. It’s time-taking and a long process. You can also use 2 cups of evaporated milk can instead of thickened milk.
2) How to make without cream?
You can use fresh milk and frozen cream in the kulfa recipe. It provides an incredibly creamy and rich taste.

3) What is a Substitute for khoya in kulfa ice cream?
It’s a million-dollar tip. You can use bread slices, yes, you heard right. Next time, when you are no khoya, then simply use bread slices in your recipe and see the magic ahead.
4) How to make without sugar?
Use condensed milk, and here you go. Condensed milk will make your mango kulfa simply awesome and mouth licking.
5) Why do ice crystals form in your ice cream?
The easiest way to prevent crystallization in your ice cream is to use bread slices in kulfa mixture. Secondly, Whenever you freeze ice cream, take it out, mix thoroughly. Ice cream crystallizes from the center part; if you mix well after 1 hour, then there would be no ice crystal form for sure.
6 Make kulfa without an airtight container
You can use a rectangle cake pan to freeze kulfa if you do not have the airtight jar. Just pour the ice cream mixture into the pan, cover with cling wrap or aluminum foil. Here you go. Freeze for 12-24 hours for best results.
Now let’s learn the perfect kulfa mango recipe.


  • Milk 2 liters.
  • Mango puree 1 cup.1 big-sized mango.
  • Cream or fresh milk cream 6 tablespoons.
  • Bread slices 2
  • Sugar 1 cup.
  • Crush almonds 2 tablespoons.
  • Crushed pistachios 2 tablespoons.


Step no 1
Thickened milk 2 ways.

Cook milk on low flame until it thickens to a custard-like consistency. It will take 15-20 minutes.Want to skip this step? you can use 2 cups of evaporated milk.

Quick tip.
You can also use vanilla custard powder or cornflour to thicken milk quickly. Just boil 2 liters of milk. Remove some milk and add 4 tablespoons custard powder or cornflour. Boil milk, add this mixture while continuously stirring to avoid any lumps in mixture pi. Stir continuously until the mixture thickens desired consistency. Cool at room temperature and then use in this recipe.
Thickened milk and cool at room temperature.
Step no 2
Mixing of remaining ingredients.
Add prepared milk, mango puree, cream, sugar, some crushed almonds, pistachios, bread slices, and blend all until well combined.
Pour the ice cream mixture into airtight container and let it freeze overnight.

Leftover Mango kulfa unique ideas:-

1) Make falooda:

Falooda is a famous summer dessert. It comprises thickened milk, leftover Mango kulfa, soaked basil seeds, vermicelli, crushed ice, red syrup, different fruits, jellies. Mango flavored falooda is a complete divine that you must try once

2) Mango shake:

Add 1/4 cup leftover ice cream, 2 tablespoons sugar, 1 medium sliced mango, and 2 glass chilled milk. Add some crushed ice. Blend and enjoy a thick and creamy mango shake.

3) Make quick mango cream:

It’s so easy. Cut 1 mango into slices and mix in leftover ice cream. Yum yum, dessert is ready to please your taste buds.
I hope you enjoy reading all the interesting information about mango kulfa. Just try it once, your loved ones will love this summer delicacy for sure

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